Bringing varied real world experience and a lifelong commitment to learning, Plumb's team understands development layers from top to bottom and can help bring your application from a concept to a finished product.

Server, Network and Hosting Environment

Understanding the interplay between cloud storage, network resources and file management, Plumb builds scalable applications with appropriate logging capabilities where no single resource is taken for granted.

Data Modeling

Relational vs non-relational data smart storage design minimizes impact to the business logic and higher layers of the code. Proper normalized models include indexes, foreign keys, lookup tables and views.

Business Logic Framework

The heart and core of the application where Plumb's frameworks and object oriented coding skills help construct objects and their database interaction.

API and Action Layer

Plumb develops consistent, clear and simple API interfaces that make it easy for external programs to operate with our code.

User Interface Design

Utilizing our extensive team of artists and graphic designers and/or creating readable layouts, Plumb takes pride in good visual design utilizing the right tool (HTML5, CSS, Javascript) to create a satisfying experience.

User Experience Design

Simplifying the process to minimize the number of steps needed to complete work, along with useful error messages are Plumb's core tenets.

Secure Access

Utilizing the latest design technology principles from encryption, two-factor authentication and granular permission sets, Plumb controls who has access to your platform and to what degree.

Customer and Business Need

More that just writing code, Plumb architects systems based on understanding the business need along with the end user use case.

custom software
work samples

Plumb does a wide variety of software development work from company-wide ERPs to efficiency tools.Even if you are not quite sure what it is, Plumb often works as the architect designing a platform to address specific needs.

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