the ball is in your court

CourtCore is a powerful tennis scheduling platform that can optimize your scheduling efficiency and transform your day to day business.
CourtCore delivers more customization, more automation, more flexibility, more centralized data and a seamless and convenient experience for your staff, members and guests.
Try CourtCore today so you can spend more time doing what you do best...growing your business.

Clock Management

With CourtCore time is finally on your side. Now you can focus on your core business with confidence. Manage your day to day scheduling more efficiently and easily. Time is money.

A Delighted Customer

Today's customer is more demanding. They demand more convenience, more simplicity, and more control. WIth CourtCore you put control in the hands of your customer.

Data In Motion

Your data is flexible and should move at the real-time speed of your business. Your data is gathered in a central resource-hub with easy access to analyze performance.

Reservation Platform Model

The CourtCore reservation software is a powerful platform with flexibility built-in. We understand that not every tennis club is the same. Public, private, guests, different schedules, teaching pros and payments accepted all contribute to different needs. Our platform is built on a core set of features and workflow that can be customized to meet a racquet club's specific requirements.

Partial List Of Optional Tennis Reservation Platform Features Available

User Feature Options

  • Access (24/7)
  • Reserve A Court
  • Contract Blocks
  • Membership Types - Reservation Hours Rules
  • Event Sign Up
  • Credit Card Payment Processing (Automatic or One Off)
  • Guest Fee Payment Processing To Member
  • Annual Fee Payment Processing To Member
  • Document Access
  • Email Notifications and Reminders
  • Video Training
  • FAQs
  • Dashboard News
  • Insurance Waiver E-Sign
  • Mobile/Tablet/Laptop Responsive

Admin Feature Options

  • Access 365 24/7
  • Flexible Court Times Per Day and Per Court
  • Permission Levels
  • Payments: Annual, Monthly, Per Reservation & Other
  • Document Repository With Access Levels
  • Invoicing - Automated and One Off
  • Member Messaging Via Platform
  • Email Marketing
  • Court Contact Tracing
  • Reporting
    • Court Utilization
    • User access
    • Round Robins
    • League Play
    • Financials
    • Demographics
    • Year Over Year Comparison

Support Options

If you don’t have the staff or resources available, Plumb can provide system management services for you including member maintenance, court blocking, member/user support, event management and any other user or admin needs that may come up.

Mobile App

Talk to us about an optional companion mobile application where certain platform features can be enabled.