Branding Creative Services For Insurance Underwriters

S&H Underwriters engaged Plumb to design and deliver a “clever” marketing concept & campaign to promote their Online Quote system. S&H used terms like agility, dependability and the ability to fetch a quote quickly to describe the attributes of their current Online Quote Rater. The attribute sounded very much like the attributes of man's best friend. It wasn’t long before we landed on a dog named Turbo as our mascot and fearless leader. Our creative strategy was to craft a fun narrative that told the life story of Turbo our Golden Retriever and how he became a top agent at S&H. The concept elevated the playfulness of the brand but more importantly elevated the brand’s dependability and dedication to its clients. The concept “Turbo’s Rapid Raters” broke through the predictable campaigns that dominate the industry and dared to deliver a more upbeat, fresh and fun attitude. While keeping its serious professionalism, expertise and experience.

Mission, Vision and Value Proposition

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Go-to-Market Strategy

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The most loyal Spokesperson in the world

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