Branding Creative Services For Steakhouse Restaurants

The Library Restaurant engaged Plumb to reimagine a 360-degree customer experience for the restaurant. The Library Restaurant one Portsmouth’s most precious historic landmarks and an architectural treasure. Our communications strategy was to refresh the atmosphere, elevate the visual appeal of the food, elevate the expectations and reimagine the overall customer experience. The website would be the foundation of the guest involvement. Our objective was to leverage the historic and architectural details to craft an enchanting and unexpected campaign around the concept of a library, books and reading. Our creative strategy was both novel and novel. We combined a Wine Club and a Book Club, we mixed Wine Tastings with Book Reading Parties hosted by local authors. Every month a different novel and theme was featured that inspired a new “special” on the menu that then sparked a more surprising and delightful culinary experience. At the same time we crafted content, info-graphics and culinary guides to educate our guest on menus, the chefs, the wines, steaks, organics, local farms and sustainability. An enchanted and educated guest was the key to our success.

Brand identity Suite

Logo Design & Tag line

Socialization Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

Mission, Vision and Value Proposition

Amplification of e-commerce

Bring on the Sizzle, the Steaks, the Spirits.

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