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Win-Win engaged Plumb to develop, design and deploy a digital solution to increase word-of-mouth auto sales. Our communications strategy was to focus on the personal passion at the precise moment of purchase, when the keys are handed over. Buying a car is time-consuming - there are so many options, opinions, data, research, trends, cost, test drives and comparisons. Once you find your car, "getting it" is easy - it'll be in your driveway in 24 hours. Our single-minded objective was to capture, elevate and promote the moment of car purchase when the “excitement and joy” are on the hook. Our solution was to develop an application called Bragging Rights. Our creative strategy was to design an easy to use “Instagram-esque” platform to post photographs and selfies of the proud owner with their new baby (car). Bragging Rights also encouraged the consumer to rate the buying process, the overall experience, the sale and the friendly factor. Buyers still in the "tire-kicking" stage could also created a wish list of the perfect value. The incentive was not just Bragging rights but also discounts on checkups, tune ups, accessories and a $300 cash incentive for any referrals. Bragging Rights enables car buyers to share the joy instantly but it also Influences the perceptions and purchases of friends and family.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Socialization Strategy

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Brand Story, Visuals & Voice

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Website UI and UX

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