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Vacation Property Partners engaged Plumb to build, brand and boost the performance of their website. VPP business model is built on a simple proposition-shared ownership of a vacation property. It sounds simple on paper. Establishing a relationship between two buyers built on trust and like-mindedness is at the heart of the business. It’s a highly personal decision and similar to a dating platform like where finding the perfect partner can make or break the deal. Our creative strategy was to focus on a feeling of escape and the desire to own your own dream home one day. Our visuals leaned heavily on aspiration and emotion. We focused on all four seasons and an eclectic mix of locations since everyone’s dreams are not interchangeable. Our communications strategy Big Dreams for Less balanced price and sharing the cost with the joy of ownership. We triggered a series of conversations that shouted price with a fun 50% Dreamers Discount Coupon for your dream homes. Half off still gets attention. In the winter months on social media platforms we teased a conversation with What Does Your Winter Look Like? with a sunny image of an ocean-front beach house and the current temperature targeted at people stuck in the hum-drum of the snow belt. plumb also focused on designing a user-friendly guest experience. While the business model is simple the strategy, the process and the discovery process had to combine human emotion with technology to create a website that is streamline and easy to use with confidence.

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