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In search of their brand identity, Tidal Roots engaged Plumb. Tidal Roots stand-up-paddle-boards stood out, the sensual aesthetics of the wood grains and craftsmanship made a statement both on the water and off. Stunning design and craftsmanship always comes with a price so our communications strategy was to ensure that price didn’t create barriers to brand experience. We did this by amplifying the "makers": their passion, their craftsmanship, their artistry, everything that goes into the time-honored pursuit of perfection. We crafted a brand that attracted a crowd of outdoor adventure seekers, from die-hard enthusiasts to weekend dabblers who venture out when the weather's nice. We left no one behind, making the experience approachable no matter how you define your own personal adventure. Our creative strategy was to ratchet up the Adventure and make the entry point and ownership easy, encouraging and remarkable experience. From the tag line - Say YES to Adventure - to the color palette, logo, language, story, posters, socialization, videos, live events (yoga on the water) and photography every detail was carefully crafted to speak to both the amateur and the professional adventurer and everyone in between. The website user experience was designed to be smooth, effortless and inspiring. We leaned hard on image and let the glamour of the boards speak for itself. We understood that the purchase decision could take multiple visits so it was important to spark interest, make a connection and establish a casual conversation with potential customers who where just getting their feet wet. We made it easy for customers to personalize their boards: no hassle, no lag time, no confusion...just drag drop and go. A cool Shore-to-Door delivery service on the East Coast was also part of personalizing the brand even more personal and made the investment feel like buying a Mercedes-Benz rather than a Buick. The deliveries were made by the “makers themselves” as a way to share their hard work and pride but also so they could witness the enthusiasm of their customers firsthand.

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