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Beach Vodka engaged Plumb to redesign their their bottle and logo and refresh their website. Beach Vodka is a hand-crafted vodka filtered with coconut shells and it’s made in the USA. The clients wanted to maintain the “fun factor” and its beachy attitude. The challenge was to design a distinctive bottle that would stand out on the shelf in the bar, nightclub, hotel or liquor store. Needless to say those shelves are packed with mega-brands demanding attention by name. Our mission was to design a bottle that balanced playfulness with sophistication. Our bottle design strategy leveraged clarity, a subtle silhouette, some mystery and true distinctiveness. We embraced the trend of “clear” but introduced an element of frosted glass so we could print messages like DO NOT RESCUE inside the bottle to add an element of surprise. We added a semi-transparent image of waves rolling onto a beach to add dimension and mood. When backlit the bottle glows and the image appears to float. The bottle incorporates the new logo, a Palm Tree to honor the coconut filtering and a customized font to add more distinction. An illustration of a compass adds an iconic stamp that hints at direction. Our creative marketing strategy was to increase the ”Fun Factor” on the website, in print and in our social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Making it fresher, more current and creating a brand you want to know about. From the tag line–GET BEACHED-to the color palette, new logo, image, ads, copy writing...every detail speaks to a brand that is serious about Vodka but doesn't take itself too serious. A balancing act for sure.

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