Branding Creative Services For Environmental Consulting Firms

Normandeau engaged Plumb to elevate their brand identity. The environmental consulting firm, Normandeau Associates, was founded in 1970. Elevating a brand that works tirelessly to preserve and protect our planet is what we live for. Often the heavy lifting is getting people to see and honor the complexity of their work, the meaning behind it and its core purpose. Our communication strategy was simple: elevate the passion of the people, their work, the science and transform it into an inspiring, motivational and meaningful story. The intervention focused on education and enlightenment. We crafted an identity and personality that centered on our environment and a stunning sense of place, this place we call earth. We wanted to provoke both a sense of wonder and a concern for our environment before we took a deep dive into the scientific and technological solutions. Our creative strategy was to leverage intelligent graphic design and interface design to enhance the educational value. We thoughtfully combined the science, data, charts, images, insights and words into a cohesive, interactive story with multiple entry points. The deeper our visitor delves, the more meaning they discover. Putting the guest in control of the content is critical to our success. From the tag line – Tomrrowland, tomorrow is today – to the language, tone of voice, stories, info-graphics, website and extraordinary photography every detail featured a unique facet of the people, the challenges, the science, the technology and the solution.

Mission, Vision and Value Proposition

Brand Identity Suite

Logo Design & Tag line

Brand Story, Visuals & Voice

Integrated Communications Campaign

Website UI and UX

National Geographic meets the Smithsonian

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