Branding Creative Services For Diners

Round About Diner & Lounge engaged Plumb to redesign and reimagine their digital presence. We imagined a marketing and communications campaign that inspired comfort and home-style cooking but added a dash of the unconventional. Our creative strategy was simply to bring the concept of Diner into 2019 and inspire the new generation of young families. Our communications strategy was to focus on the food and ensure that every image of food was extraordinary, if we didn’t drool on the screen we would reshoot until we triggered a mouth-watering reaction. Yes, we do eat with our eyes. Our single-minded objective was to ensure the families with kids were not only served fabulous comfort food at a great price but in an atmosphere that was comfortable, inviting and stress free. We crafted a Kids Zone campaign and a special Kids Zone menu that went beyond the expected. We also introduced a multilayered social campaign: I GOT MY YUM ON @ Round About Diner and #YUMYUMCLUB that elevated the brand, the conversation and the fun factor.

Audience Alignment

Integrated Communications Campaign

Mission, Vision and Value Proposition

Amplification of e-commerce

Go-to-Market Strategy

Brand Story, Visuals & Voice

Comfort Food for the People.

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