A Different Kind of Debt Collection Agency . . . turn dread on its head.

First Financial Inc. engaged Plumb to reimagine, rebrand and re-position the perception of a debt collection agency. Our communications strategy focused on language, a refreshed logo, a compelling new story and stunning imagery. Perception is reality so we created a brand that was more passionate, understanding, patient and responsive. We made it look, feel and in the end, transform into a more personal, more compassionate experience.

Debt collection is a reality and it has a perception and reputation that can make for an apprehensive customer experience. Our single-minded objective was to take apprehension out of the equation and replace it with compassion. We elevated customer service, customer comfort and customer education. Our creative strategy was to design a dramatically new homepage experience. Those behind the brand needed to see themselves in a new light. We lead with images that are unexpected and refreshing: children collecting seashells, flowers, tadpoles. The feeling is natural and nature driven. We crafted language that was more conversational, direct and personal. We began with the simple brand statement “Compassionate Communicators and Counselors at Heart.” We wanted First Financial to become role models in the industry and set a bold new standard, raising expectations and changing the way people think about collection agencies and the people who work for them. The story was centered on a deeper understanding of people, human emotions, different points of view, and different economical situations. The story was all about treating both parties with dignity and respect. We delivered a positive experience for all involved. That's not just good for business it’s good for society. We can and do make positive impact.

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